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About Urbanmoon Photography

Anita Thomas is the creative force behind Urbanmoon Photography. Originally from Toronto, with a background in its fashion industry, she has lived in the dynamic, arts-driven city of Hamilton, Ontario since 2004. The arts and creative world have long been a part of Thomas' life, beginning with painting and illustrating from a very young age to a 20-year career in fashion design and pattern-making.

After moving to Hamilton, she dove back into her old love of photography – intrigued, as she explored the contrasting landscape of industry, urban and endless natural beauty her new-found home offered. Artistically, Anita has always favoured dramatic styles, drawn to bold looks or unusual interpretations -- art that leads one to carefully study the details, find something new, or uncover that which was previously hidden.

Anita has been specializing in aerial and aviation photography since 2007, born from the love she shares with her spouse, a private pilot. If they're not out riding their motorcycles or shooting high-powered rockets, they can be found flying around Southern Ontario in a Cessna 172. 

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Anita Thomas


Hamilton Arts Council, Hamilton, ON

Central Ontario Arts Association, ON

Women's Art Association of Hamilton, Hamilton, ON


Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton, ON

Canada Arts Connects, Canada-wide

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