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(C)Anita Thomas All Rights Reserved.

(C)Anita Thomas All Rights Reserved.

As a Canadian, I think I must not be a very good one. I dislike the cold, don't enjoy winter sports, and look forward to the spring before winter has even come. But one thing I can't resist, is the beauty winter never fails to deliver.

There are the first hints of what's to come with the lightly frosted grasses in a field in November. The bright sunshine of an early morning blasting its light upon frozen branches, encrusted from the previous night's storm in December. And there I am, it's unavoidable, trying to capture the beauty of those chilled, frosty days.

Some of the most beautiful photographs are captured when we least expect it. On a day I expect nothing but very fast, high-powered rockets, I happily find myself surrounded by the serene frosted beauty of a frozen pasture. Or after an early morning drop-off at the train station, I stop to see a city at my feet, awakening to start the day on a cold, bitter morning. Grasses blowing in a field I pass, draw me in to its centre, tantalizing ice coating each blade, glimmer as the sun rises.

All around us is such beauty. Never be in such a hurry that you miss it.