Long Point on Ice
This portfolio consists of photography covering a few of my passions, but really, they are all somewhat related.

Starting with the aerial photography of Southern Ontario...there is so much beauty when seen from the air, both man-made and natural. Based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, we are constantly adding to this collection.

Do you have a particular aerial photography project in mind? Contact me and let's discuss it! 

Along with the beautiful views from the air, go the beautiful aircraft that soar through it. We are very fortunate to live in the same city as the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. This museum has many military aircraft, as well as airworthy vintage aircraft from WWII. Every chance I get, I'm out there photographing these magnificent war planes. 

For a little fun, and still on the topic of air-borne objects, I also have the opportunity to shoot high-powered rockets. These very fast, very powerful high-flying rockets offer an array of surprises depending on motor types, sizes and unexpected turns of events. 

At heart, I'm an urban girl, the bigger the city, the better. I love the architecture, the street life, the people. I love the hustle and bustle, everyone so busy, everyone with somewhere to go. I am at home in the centre of it all! I love the city shooting and can never get enough.

In contrast, and somewhat more tranquil, is the landscape and nature photography collection. With a definite lean towards the beauty offered by the icy cold winter months, this section of the portfolio features the natural splendour that surrounds us. 

Don't see the print options you'd like? Please contact me with any questions, for more information, to discuss commercial licencing, or just to say hello!

(NOTE: Purchased items do not contain the watermark as seen in these images.)
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